for individuals : knowledge↑ + skill↑

Individuals can access the following services:

    • Regularly scheduled in-person executive/EMBA/MBA negotiation and influence programs at leading business schools
    • The Comprehensive Negotiator Continuum (CNC), with regularly scheduled interactive CORE , ADVANCED, SPECIAL and CRISIS negotiation modules delivered via Zoom

for organisations : risk↓ + performance↑

Filip offers premium negotiation services that enable companies, government departments and NGOs all over the world to achieve better results through a more intelligent approach to negotiation and influence:

    • Training and development of staff and in-house negotiation teams
    • Ongoing coaching of key personnel
    • Strategic support in planning for, preparing for, and in conducting negotiations
    • Review and evaluation of past negotiations
    • Evaluation and improvement of clients’ existing in-house negotiation training and procedures
    • Facilitator or keynote speaker for conferences and off-sites, e.g. Microsoft START

for academic institutions : reputation↑ + profitability↑

Filip has made his programs on negotiation and influence available via institutes, graduate business schools and military academies in 14 countries. These programs often become the highest rated program at the institution in question. Where Filip has taken over and redesigned existing negotiation programs, both demand and profitability has increased by as much as an order of magnitude.

Services for academic institutions include design, direction, delivery and/or evaluation of:

    • Public and in-house executive programs on negotiation and influence
    • Modules on negotiation and influence as part of broader executive programs on Leadership and General Management
    • EMBA/MBA/MoM/MiM subjects on negotiation, influence, and critical thinking
    • Masters level subjects on crisis negotiation
    • Negotiation sessions for cross-university network and exchange programs, e.g. GNAM
    • Negotiation programs for younger audiences, e.g. summer@INSEAD
    • Training for academics in innovative and interactive course design and delivery

for negotiation service providers : capability↑ + capacity↑

This category includes companies and government departments tasked with providing specialised negotiation support in various forms. Filip has contracted to over a dozen such providers in order to:

    • Extend their capacity and/or geographical reach by delivering services on their behalf
    • Augment their service offering with complementary capability
    • "Train the trainer", i.e. develop their negotiators, consultants and trainers
    • Evaluate and improve the quality of their service offering
    • Design and facilitate training scenarios and simulations
    • Critically review past negotiations of incidents